Olivia Kirk Gardens, St Peters's Hospice, Bristol, Garden Design
Olivia Kirk Gardens, St Peters's Hospice, Bristol, Garden Design
Olivia Kirk Gardens, St Peters's Hospice, Bristol, Garden Design
Olivia Kirk Gardens, St Peters's Hospice, Bristol, Garden Design
St Peter’s Hospice Bristol Landscape

This new landscape surrounds the extension to St Peter’s Hospice, designed by KKE Architects which was completed in November 2018 with the landscaping following on between September 2018, finishing in Spring 2019. There are 4 distinct garden areas, all with a different feel and function along with 3 small ‘Winter Gardens’

The main courtyard garden is a large central space, enclosed on 3 sides by the hospice with a mature hedge on the fourth side. This is a sunny sheltered garden with bedroom terraces that have views over the courtyard and the main social hub café leading straight out onto its own large terrace. This space needed to have a strong structure to look good throughout the year as well as being a lovely space to be in during the warmer months. I was also keen that the planting I used didn’t add to patients problems by causing hay-fever or other respiratory problems, therefore all the planting used in this space is low-allergen. The curving pathways gently lead you through the garden opening out into large circular seating areas along the journey, perfect for stopping for a rest or just to sit and relax surrounded with planting.

The Dementia Garden is an enclosed safe garden with a looping walk so no-one loses their way. I’ve used very familiar planting; delphiniums, perennial geraniums, Irises, fennel & ferns in order to spark memories and conversations. Flowers for picking are important here – an easy shared experience, picking and arranging a bunch for a vase with a relative or helper.

The Sensory Garden designed with 5 borders each separated by small lawns. Again these borders are designed to look out onto from the higher terraces above as well as a destination to walk or be wheeled to. The sensory borders are a talking point, each appealing to the different senses and even if you don’t know your plants well it will be obvious which ones are to be sniffed, touched or tasted. There are plenty of benches to have a break and sit amongst the planting if a rest or a natter is needed.

The Therapy Garden is outside the garden rooms, a beautiful purpose built venue where one-to-one or group therapy sessions take place. The gardens surrounding these rooms evoke a cottage garden feel, perfect for a restful walk round or a reassuring view from inside.

3 small ‘winter gardens’ are inside/outside gardens, literally bringing the outside into the building. These are gardens with mainly glass walls, open to the sky and feel very much part of the environment they are in - one off the cafe/social hub so you can sit right beside it whilst having a coffee and two more either side of the sacred space. These two gardens are more shaded and give the feeling of walking through a woodland rather than a corridor.

Photo Credit for Sean Malyon Photography - seanmalyon.co.uk

Olivia has created beautiful gardens for us at St Peter's Hospice which are already greatly enjoyed by our patients, staff and volunteers. She has created something very special for us and it was an absolute pleasure working with her.
(Johnny Flanagan, Head of Supporter Relations)


Olivia Kirk Gardens Olivia Kirk Gardens Olivia Kirk Gardens